Horses, specifically seven galloping horses, have a great significance in Vastu . Horse, in Vastu , symbolizes success and power. A seven horse painting in your house or office leads to progress and success in your job or business.

A Vastu painting not only invokes a spark and a touch of elegance to the house, but would bring in positive vibes and energies too. As per vastu, it is said that running horse painting effects in getting rid of the finance problem.

Since both in vastu and Feng Shui horses are a symbol of power, success and authority, the best places to have them are in the living room (near the entrance of the house), at your work desk or in your office.

Galloping Red Horses improves your business aggressively by Steady flow of orders/ jobs thereby increase in cash flow, reputation and fame as red is a symbol of aggressiveness and horse is a symbol of power/ stamina.

Galloping white horses ensures better and smooth in the flow of money. It helps to remove obstacles relating to financial issues.

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