Ananya Birla, eldest daughter of Kumar Mangalam and Neerja Birla.

Ananya Birla was at Hubballi to attend an event conducted by TiE Hubli. We had the joy of meeting her and present our new pursuit. She visited our gallery, where we got a chance to get an artwork done from her. The awesome moment was when she made a stunning artwork for the first time in her life on the canvas.

At this age, most business scions are either completing their education in western universities and getting ready to join their father in the family business. But Ananya’s career path has taken a different route and exemplifies a bit of the restless spirit that imbued her grandfather when he was searching for opportunities to put his ideas to work several decades ago. She is the founder of Svatantra Microfinance, a company that provides microfinance to women in rural India. She is also founder of CuroCarte and co-founder of Mpower. Birla has received awards for her work and entrepreneurship, including the ET Panache trendsetter of 2016 award for Young Business Person.

The office of Svatantra, India’s youngest microfinance firm, funded by the Kumar Mangalam Birla family and headed by Ananya was started about one-and-a-half years ago and now boasts of 18 branches in seven districts across two states with about 100 employees. She is also featured in top 10 billionaire daughters.

She made this lovely painting of a tree with vivid branches that mirrors her life. The bright branches speaks to her multi-capable identity with a mix of endeavors with different organizations and a music profession.

Being a successful entrepreneur herself, Ananya left a handwritten note with the artwork passing on her best wishes to Priyal Ostwal (Founder and CEO, Artwaley)

Ananya Birla came up with her second single ‘Meant to be’ at the end of July. While her debut single ‘Livin The Life’ has already become rage since its launch a year ago, Ananya is hoping that ‘Meant To Be’ will do wonders.