You might have few questions like which painting will compliment the theme of the house, where to place that outstanding art piece? What might others bring from this artistic creation and so forth.
We are here with some outstanding ideas that could be of some help to you to incorporate while questions like those mentioned above pop in your mind.

As we all know Colors play a major role, The rule of thumb in choosing the best artworks for your home lies in, the smaller the room, the brighter the color.

Avoid brilliant, strong colors if the room is small scaled. Then again, select bolder colors for greater room that will highlight the architects of the furniture and theme.

Keep in mind to balance the use of colors. Consider your furnishing and pick which color could be kept in the major. Sometimes, combining multiple painting gives better effect.

To make your wall art the focal point, you have a variety of options available to you. One idea is to use a monochromatic or a neutral color scheme throughout the room and choose art that stands out from that color scheme. To help you with this we have our personalized features matching your wall colors with the artwork and the color scheme available with us.

For another option, consider how your custom furniture arrangement leads the eye through the room. If your sofa is is one of the principal things you normally see, hang artwork above it.

A good rule of thumb is to choose art that is no more than three-quarters ( seventy five percent) as wide as the sofa.

Below are some fabulous examples of visually unique artworks that do not overpower the spaces they are placed in:




When it comes to artwork, buy pieces that you cherish, that you need to see each day, and that reflects your individual style. At that point, incorporate a few of these wall art ideas to elevate the design.

Buy what you love!

Find pieces of art that speak to you and makes you happy each time you look at them.

Pay attention to the placement and the scale and proportion of the art to ensure the furniture and décor surrounding it is complimentary.

The overall look needs to be balanced and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.