Many of us lack large spaces to display artworks. Despite our lack of areas for display, you can, at present form a significant and charming art collection that will feel at home in yours. Scale back, think small, and build that variety of collection you’ve always wanted.
Here are few points and a list of small size artworks to complement small spaces:


Group them all
Because you have less wall space, doesn't mean you need to pick only maybe one or two pieces to display in your home. Rather, think little! Groupings can look incredible with four or five medium measured pieces, or even with up to twenty fluctuating estimated artworks. The way to making any collection look extraordinary is balance.

Choose a theme
while selecting a theme one should always consider geometry, tone, shading, medium. Do you need your grouping to be striking? Sentimental? Abstract, or calm? Remember these while you create your own particular grouping.

Size Matters
The majority of the pieces in your collection don't need to be a similar size, in reality the best groupings interchange between additional little and medium pieces. The key here is adjust. The most ideal approach to make an agreeable gathering is to first lay it out on the floor before the wall you will mount on. Here are some diff Size artworks that you can consider to decorate your small spaces:

Try Experimenting with shape by adding a variety of round pieces.

Variety of 8 by 10" artworks for walls or as table tops.

Variety of 12 by 12"