Here are a few top picks of Artworks by Local Artists of Karnataka ranging from small art pieces to larger artworks. Perfect for when you want to give an individually handcrafted item to someone special or decorate your home or office spaces. Find all these beautiful pieces of art of local artists from Artwaley:

Madhubani art:
Also called Mithila art, it originated in the kingdom of Janak (Sita’s father in Ramayana) in Nepal and in present-day Bihar. It is one of the most popular Indian folk arts, practiced mostly by women who wanted to be one with God. Characterized by geometric patterns. Most of these paintings or wall murals depict gods, flora and fauna.
Artist Name: Dakshayani


Traditional Music Fest Series:
For many, nothing captures their emotions better than music and art. Combine the two and you have the ultimate form of self expression. These artworks represent Karnataka’s cultural fests and fairs which has the extravaganza of music, dance, and art.Numerous art and cultural festivals are hosted throughout the year, hence these paintings gives glimpses about Karnataka’s cultural tradition.
Artist Name: Karajagi


Warli painting:
This is easily one of the oldest art forms of India. It is mainly the use of circles, triangles and squares to form numerous shapes and depict daily life activities like fishing, hunting, festivals, dance and more. What sets it apart is the human shape: a circle and two triangles. All the paintings are done on a red ochre or dark background, while the shapes are white in colour.
Artist Name: Dakshayani


Shilabalikas of Belur, Karnataka:
A delightful painting depicting the Shilabalikas of Belur which are presumably the most celebrated shila-balika/sculpture at Belur. The intricate subtle elements in this figure are astonishing and the artwork has caught the points of interest gloriously.
Artist name: Ghaffar Khan

 So, go ahead and get these art forms of local artists of Karnataka only from Artwaley.