Hubli's renovated International Airport looked truly amazing with Artwaley's paintings and artworks, being displayed at the inauguration of the Airport which was held on 12th December 2017.

Each of the pillars was decorated with artworks depicting the Culture and Monuments of Hubli and Karnataka. The artworks were exclusively customized for the pillars, which represented the culture and tradition of Karnataka like Yakshagana, Monuments of Karnataka and Hubli, Shilabalika of Karnataka, Warli art etc.

Check them out below:

Monuments of Karnataka:
A beautiful artwork depicting the famous monuments of Karnataka namely Hampi stone chariot, Golgumbaz, Patadha Kallu Chandramouleshwara Temple and Shri Siddharoodha Swamy Math.

Warli art:
Warli is a form of Tribal Art, typical of the Shimoga and Karwar districts of Karnataka. It is mainly the use of circles, triangles, and squares to form numerous shapes and depict daily life activities like fishing, hunting, festivals, dance and more.

A folk painting on acrylic canvas which portrays a well-known art form of Karnataka. Painted beautifully, Yakshagana is the divine dance form considering spiritual and passionate dance.

Music fest series:
These artworks represent Karnataka’s cultural fests and fairs which has the extravaganza of music, dance, and art. Numerous art and cultural festivals are hosted throughout the year, hence these paintings give glimpses about Karnataka’s cultural tradition.

Shilabalikas of Belur, Karnataka:
A delightful painting depicting the Shilabalikas of Belur which are presumably the most celebrated Shila-Balika/sculpture at Belur. The intricate subtle elements in this figure are astonishing and the artwork has caught the points of interest gloriously.

A festive feast of North Karnataka:
This brilliant artwork has captured the people enjoying different works during the period of the feast in the towns of North Karnataka.