Holi is generally known as Festival of Colors. This name doesn't come even mostly close with regards to catching the barrage of Blues, greens, purples and yellows. How colours burst all over, transforming the whole nation into one big canvas.

The perfect design for your home starts with choosing the right combination of colours along with walls and the furniture. This Holi play with COLOURS in your home decor with artworks from artwaley.

Each color has an importance, hence we have thought of a few hints and tips on key colors and how you can fuse them into your home with art.

The treasure of sea

Yellow is one of brilliant and energetic color known to us. While Yellow has such a large number of diversified shades to look over, you have splendid yellow, similar to a daffodil, the yellowy-orange tones synonymous with dusk, and pastel palettes for inconspicuous tones. Much the same as its many shades, these shades of yellow can differentially affect the mood of a room. Overall yellow can lift our spirits and have a happy impact.

The magic tree
It’s a wonderful color to use in an innovative environment, building up a stimulating working space and encouraging surrounding. But in the home red influences the ideal dining room tone as it can promote a sociable ambiance around.

Black and white:
A rainy day
When choosing art for a simple interior style, black and white art in a modern room will create a clean, minimalist and refined look. Black and white paintings are timeless, atmospheric and a real focal point for any room.

Peaceful Evening
Next up is the color Blue which is a standout amongst the most calming hues to have in a room and it's incredible for an office Space, where strains can regularly run high. Blue often imparts serene environment and at home, it's a shading ensured to convey some peacefulness to your room.

The Spring
Like everybody of us realize that green is the colour related with nature, and it does miracles in creating an awesome environment. Joining the merriment of yellow and the quieting characteristics of blue, green is one of only a handful couple of color that can be utilized in any sort of place , and can joyfully become the overwhelming focus.