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Artwaley is one of the largest galleries for paintings and arts. It is committed to serving a growing community of art collectors while creating a cultural bridge between both the national and international community at large. We aim to create a platform with global reach to promote all artists, helping them display and sell their paintings.

Artwaleys’ main focus is on artists from smaller cities and rural areas who do not get opportunities to sell their paintings. It aims to abolish the myth that painting is just a hobby and cannot bring financial value. The platform, as created, allows artists to come and exhibit their paintings on the website, showcasing their talent and being recognized by their artwork.

Artwaley also has their presence in the offline retail market. We have our Gallery at The Naveen Hotel, Hubli where we display all our finest paintings. We believe colours bring positivity, thus, we have our 2nd gallery at our office as well. Apart from this, we have participated in various art exhibitions and fairs. In addition to this, Artwaley has a franchise in Chennai, India and will be coming up with more across the country.

Artwaley believes in contributing to society. A large number of Artwaley paintings were auctioned and the funds collected were donated to the Agastya Foundation, Ushas School for Exceptional Children at Deshpande Foundation, Hubli.

Also, one of our finest Jainism painting was auctioned at a big amount of Rs 11, 00,000 and all the money was donated to a Jain Temple in Hubli.


Pop Art Portrait
Priyal Ostwal
Co - Founder / Artist
Pop Art Portrait
Gautam Ostwal
Co - Founder
Pop Art Portrait
Naveen Jha
Co - Founder



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