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Artwaley believes in divining one’s life with incredibly, captivating Art.

Artwaley was founded in the year 2016, since its inception, Artwaley is committed to serving and empowering the artists and creative minds by providing them a global platform. At Artwaley we are associated with 400+ artists, creative people, art collectors, museum and galleries with 3000+ handpainted original artwork of numerous styles. Artwaley offers a diversified range of Artworks – Paintings, Sculptures, Murals and Wall art.

Based in India, Artwaley redefines the experience of buying and selling art by making it user friendly and welcoming for artists, Art collectors, galleries and Museums.

We also offer an option to ’Your Concept(Create Your Own)’ customised artwork.

Artwaley provides disruptive channel partner model at Zero Inventory, variety of paintings for corporate offices, house, Turn Key Projects for well known hotel chains and builders, corporate gifting, bulk buying, dissemination of religious knowledge through art, painting auction for noble cause, vastu related paintings and tie-ups in shops, etc.

Artwaley was humbled to be recognised by our Honorable Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi to be a part of Champions Of Change by NITI Aayog and to be a part of Global Entrepreneurship Summit GES-2017 during Ivanka Trumps visit to India.

Artwaley strongly believes in sharing the prosperity with creative minds and artist by providing them a sustainable source of income, hence a new wave of population can realise their potential in creativity and art.

By auctioning numerous paintings of varied styles and donating the funds raised to registered foundations. One of our finest Jainism painting was auctioned for Rs 11, 00,000 and raised funds was donated to a Jain Temple at Hubli.

Artwaley has its associations and business presence in Australia, Austria, London, Spain, and greater presence in India (Bangalore, Jodhapur, Chennai and Mumbai).

Curious To Know the History
Some of the entrepreneurial journey starts with a restless feeling of reality. This story of Artwaley began when Priyal Ostwal an art enthusiast (Co- founder) visited a sunthe (physical market place) where she came across beautiful paintings being sold at throw away prices. Perception differs, while everyone was happy buying inexpensive paintings, Priyal was going through a lot of churning that why such a amazing piece of artwork sold at unreasonable give away price. She shared her concern with his dad Gautam Ostwal and Naveen Jha(Dad’s Frined) after several rounds of deliberation Artwaley was born, instead of making it a charity we built a striving business platform for creative people.


Pop Art Portrait
Priyal Ostwal
Co - Founder / Artist
Pop Art Portrait
Gautam Ostwal
Co - Founder
Pop Art Portrait
Naveen Jha
Co - Founder